Behavior Modification

After an initial behavior consultation, we can address your dog’s issues in subsequent sessions that will help you both manage the behavior and work on making long-term changes to it.  Behavior modification is similar to simple obedience training in that it will change your dog’s actions.

Unlike in obedience training, however, in behavior modification we do not ask your dog to think to process the information we present.  Rather, we need to change the emotion (usually fear) that underlies the problem behavior.  In other words, while we will treat the symptoms, we will also address their cause.  The behavior modification program will include some obedience training, but the bulk of the work will focus on how to handle the situations that trigger your dog’s problem behavior.

Behavior modification can treat many problems:  dog-reactivity, human-reactivity, general anxiety, noise sensitivity, specific phobias, and more.  Though this treatment helps, it does not actually cure the dog.  Nonetheless, it can help, sometimes enormously.  This is not an easy process but helping your dog feel less afraid of the world and relieving your own stress about the behavior are well worth the time, effort, and expense.

For more information on what this process involves and how it works, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to discuss it with you.