How Canine Train Tracks Can Help

Does your dog…

Red Swirl - small  show undesirable behaviors like jumping, pulling on the leash, or excessive barking?

Red Swirl - small  need help with puppy problems like house-training, crate training, or mouthing / nipping?

Red Swirl - small  have trouble getting along with other dogs?

Red Swirl - small  have trouble with some group(s) of people, such as children?

Red Swirl - small  become fearful, anxious, or otherwise reactive around specific triggers like vacuums or wheels (bikes, strollers, skateboards, etc.) or in specific situations like car rides or trips to the vet?

Red Swirl - small  guard resources such as food or toys aggressively?

Red Swirl - small  show symptoms of separation anxiety?

We have the knowledge and experience to help you handle all of these problems, no matter your dog’s age or when the problem started.


We also track lost pets!

Leah (the tracking dog pictured on the home page) tracks, i.e. follows the scents of, lost pets to determine which direction they went – and thus where you should post flyers – as well as the extent of the area in which your lost pet is traveling, and even some information on how your lost pet is behaving.  This amazing and relatively new service can help panicked pet families immensely and vastly increase their chances of getting their pet back safe and sound.


We provide free consultations regarding all of our services – just call (202) 660-4694 or email.


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