Positive Obedience Tutoring – old

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Many clients are very committed to training their dogs and raising them well, but their busy schedules prevent them from doing their “homework” and spending as much time training as they would like.


This service is available only for clients who are already engaged in general obedience training with Canine Train Tracks.  There are several reasons for this requirement:
  • First, you must be an integral part of the process of training your dog in order for the training to be successful. It would be not only unwise but unrealistic to expect that you could absent yourself from the process and I would simply deliver to you a perfectly trained dog.
  • Second, dogs are not good at generalizing but incredibly good at discriminating. If I were the only one training the dog, she may assume that the rules and behaviors that I teach her only apply when I am the one asking her to do them.  Though she may be excellent at performing them for me, she might not even know how to perform them for you.  In other words, she may well think (quite reasonably to her)that those rules and behaviors only apply when I am around.
  • Finally, since you are the doggie-parent, you will be the one to maintain the training for the rest of the dog’s life. My training would probably be somewhat unsuccessful and definitely less effective if you are not also teaching the dog yourself.  My role as a trainer is not to train your dog for you, but to coach you to train your dog yourself.


If you are already an obedience training client, then you can certainly take advantage of this service.  Dogs require quite a bit of repetition to learn specific behaviors, and I can fill in many of those repetitions that you would not have time to do.  What I would essentially do is spend extra time with your dog to practice the behaviors he learned in his training session so that, when you practice them, he will have a more solid foundation.


Depending on your schedule, needs, and budget, you can choose between two options:  essentially the equivalent of half-day kindergarten or all-day kindergarten.  Each half would consist of three hours.  For example, if you generally leave at 8 in the morning and return at 6 in the evening, I would come either from approximately 9:30-12:30, 1:30-4:30, or both.


Each section of the training would involve my coming to your home to let your dog out of her crate – I highly recommend crate training your dog! – walk your dog (saving you the cost of hiring a dog walker and creating an opportunity to practice leash manners!), review skills she has already learned as well as the ones that are new that week, play with her, and practice having her learn to relax and take care of herself when humans want to have calm time (such as reading a book, working at a computer, or watching TV).  For example, she could be playing with her toys, taking a nap, etc. rather than zooming around the apartment, constantly jumping on me and the furniture, snatching items that are not hers, and demand barking for more attention and activity.  Finally, I would return her to her crate and the activity, both mental and physical, will probably have her asleep until you come home.