Obedience Training

60-minute session: $75

Every 30 minutes

(or portion thereof)

after the first 60 minutes: $35


Off-site work (research, substantive emails, etc.) – every 30 minutes:  $25


Custom packages available.


Behavior Consultation

In-person Consultation

60-minute session:  $100

90-minute session:  $125

120-minute session:  $150



Phone Consultation*

60-minute session: $75

30-minute session: $40


Behavior Modification

60-minute session:  $75

Every 30 minutes

(or portion thereof)

after the first 60 minutes:  $35


Off-site work (research, substantive emails, etc.) – every 30 minutes:  $25


Custom packages available.



Day Training for Obedience or Behavior Modification

1-hour session: $75

2-hour session: $150


Custom packages also available.


Lost Pet Tracking

Tracking time: $75 per hour with a 1-hour minimum, then $35 per half-hour (or part thereof)

Tracking time on holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Day, etc.):  $150 per hour + $70 per half-hour (or part thereof)

Travel: $1.50 per mile, as measured by Google Maps, if your pet is lost beyond our general service area.**


Lost Pet Searches*

Preparatory work for tracks, whether or not we end up tracking, (designing effective flyers as well as business cards): $50

Initial internet package (starting a Facebook page, a blog, and a basic Google Map): $75

Each hour beyond the initial package:  $50 (1 hour minimum)

Further development/maintenance of the initial package as well as internet outreach: $25 per hour


Presentations/Speaking Engagements

Rate varies depending on circumstances.

Service Area

Canine Train Tracks offers services in the general DC Metro area, specifically within 20 miles of Del Ray in Alexandria, VA. We can track and train beyond that area, but an additional fee will apply based on distance from Alexandria, VA.

* These are remote services, so the service area restrictions do not apply.

** Note:  The travel charge for pet tracking must be paid in advance and is applicable whether or not we actually end up tracking.  For example, even if your pet comes home five minutes before we arrive, we will still have incurred the round-trip travel costs.


General Note on Rate Policy

We recognize that the rates are expensive but, lest that deter you from hiring us to train or track your pet, please compare these rates to those of other trainers and trackers. A bit of research should reveal that our prices are substantially lower than similar services in the area.  Furthermore, dog training is an area in which a few famous quotations absolutely apply.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  (–Benjamin Franklin)

It takes much more time (and money) to correct dogs’ bad habits and teach new, good ones than it does simply to teach the good habits in the first place, before they have the chance to develop bad ones.  Therefore, when considering the cost of training your dog, also weigh the cost of not doing so.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”  (–Derek Bok)


Our preferred method of payment is Paypal, but we also accept (in order of preference) cash and checks.


We never refuse to train or track a dog – especially a rescue dog – because his or her human doesn’t have enough money.  Every dog deserves good training and (when lost,) tracking, no matter how much or little money the human can put toward helping it!  Therefore, if the rate is more than you can afford, let us know and we will try to work something out, such as a sliding scale or payment in kind.  (For example, one client pays a portion of his fee with technical/web assistance.) Though we do need to make a living, we do not want our rates to scare you off or make training or tracking prohibitively expensive.

Rescue Discount

Because of our zeal for the rescue dog movement, we very much want to encourage people to adopt dogs rather than purchase them. Therefore, if your dog is a rescue dog, please feel free to request a 5% discount on all services.


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