Obedience Training

This can be a general program encompassing most basic skills (“sit”, “stay”, “come”, etc.) or a more specific program tailored to fit your and your dog’s needs (e.g., pulling on the leash). The number of sessions required for any program will depend on your goals for the training and your dog’s starting point.

Behavior Consultation

This is a service to discuss and explore problem behaviors in your dog, everything from reactivity (“aggression” toward humans, other dogs, or particular situations or objects, such as skateboards) to shyness or specific phobias to general anxiety. We will cover your dog’s general history, the history of the behavior, possible explanations for it, how to change it, and how to manage it in the meantime.

Behavior Modification

After an initial behavior consultation, we can address your dog’s issues in subsequent sessions that will help you both manage the behavior and work on making long-term changes to it. This will include some obedience training but the bulk of the work will focus on how to handle the situations that trigger your dog’s problem behavior. This is not an easy process but helping your dog feel less afraid of the world and relieving your own stress about it are well worth the time, effort, and expense.

Day Training for Obedience or Behavior Modification

Many clients are very committed to training their dogs and raising them well, but their busy schedules prevent them from doing their “homework” and spending as much time training as they would like. This service is available only for clients who are already engaged in general obedience training or behavior modification with Canine Train Tracks.

Lost Pet Tracking

Unfortunately, due to Leah’s sudden death on August 16, 2017, we cannot provide pet tracking services at present.  If you need pet tracking, call Sam Connelly of Pure Gold Pet Trackers at (410) 365-7456.


If your pet is missing for any reason – has run away, may have been stolen, etc. – contact us ASAP! Timing is very important and, the sooner we track, the better.

We can help you find your missing family member. Pet tracking works basically the same way human tracking (search and rescue, tracking criminals, finding missing children, etc.) does. We train the dogs in general tracking. We do not need to teach them how to track – they know that naturally. We essentially just teach them what we want them to do: to find the scent that matches the one of the missing pet, then follow where the scent track leads.

Lost Pet Searches

Not only do most people not have time to do all of this, having a missing pet and looking for him or her puts the guardians in a state of panic and they soon become both physically and emotionally exhausted.  The amount of work to do can be completely overwhelming, but this is where I can help.



Presentations / Speaking Engagements

We are also available for presentations or small lectures on the following topics:

Dog Safety and Etiquette (e.g., when and how children should greet dogs, etc.);

Positive Training and Behavior Modification;

Lost Pet Prevention;

Lost Pet Tracking; and

Lost Pet Searches.

More Information:

If you would like to find out more about us or our services, please either call (202) 660-4694 or email Laura Colleton at laura (at) We will be happy to give you more information, answer any questions, address any concerns, and, of course, arrange to either train or track your dog.

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