Training Testimonials


“Laura trained Chuck while he was in the shelter at the Washington Humane Society and made sure she was there to meet us on the day we adopted Chuck.   After years of neglect, Laura’s work with him in the shelter allowed us to take home a very trusting and well mannered dog.  She gave us lots of information on continuing to help him. Since that day – over a year and a half ago – we have kept in touch regularly both for continued obedience training (and answers to our behavior questions) and also just happy visits and walks.  Laura also was generous enough to work with our Brownie Girl Scout troop to teach us about respectfully and safely interacting with dogs – the girls loved it!”

–Rachel (and family) with Chuck

ally and ruby smiling - cropped

“When we first adopted her, we were woefully unprepared to manage Ruby’s anxiety, but with Laura’s help (and a lot of work!) we now have a set of behavior management strategies in our arsenal to help make sure Ruby is happy, healthy, and safe.  Through months of continuous, persistent behavior modification, Laura helped turn our mutually dog-reactive dogs into great friends who played together off-leash nearly every day.”

–Alli with Ruby

johnny kissing darreal

“My adopted dog Johnny was playful, lovable, and simply adorable.  However, he was very aggressive towards some dogs and people.  So much so that at times, I thought I would have to return him to the shelter.  Instead, I hired Laura to work with him.  After only two weeks I could see drastic changes in his behavior. Laura helped Johnny with his fears of everything from certain dogs to strangers, to people wearing hoodies and walking with canes or crutches.  After a month of training, he was easier to handle and more responsive to commands.”

–Darreal with Johnny

“We hired Laura shortly after adopting a second dog when our first dog didn’t take the new younger brother’s arrival very well. All in, our house turned to chaos trying to manage both dog’s big personalities. When Laura arrived, both dogs took to her immediately. They LOVED training time with her and eagerly greeted her when she returned. The best part about training with Laura is that she makes it simple for us humans to implicate new skills – and she understands the behaviors of dogs and their interactions with each other and with humans very well.  She also took the time to write a full analysis of their behavior and recommendations for toys and exercises to keep their minds active and their bodies relaxed so they wouldn’t busy themselves with tearing up our house.  She saved us hundreds of dollars in new furniture – countless hours of saved sleep – and our entire rental deposit!  The training really bonded our dogs and simplified our lives so we could all enjoy each other. We nicknamed them Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer because suddenly they were taking on the world as a team and heading out for the next adventure.  I highly recommend Laura as a trainer!”

–Megan with Melvin and Oscar

Melvin, Oscar, and Megan
cookie - 7 - cropped

“Laura clearly explained her training approach and how the dog was interpreting what we were doing. Laura also spent additional time with us to address specific training issues and would answer any and all questions/training & behavioral issues even if those questions/issues were outside of the course objectives. Cookie my mini labradoodle focuses on me, obeys better, loves our training sessions and we have a closer bond.”

–Tonya with Cookie

cookie - 1 - cropped

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