Why Choose Canine Train Tracks?

Canine Train Tracks is unique because we provide:

  • individual focus for the entire time of the session rather than attention divided among several students;
  • lessons catered to your individual concerns and training goals;
  • lessons tailored to the learning style that suits you best: listening, reading, watching demonstrations, and (of course) participating yourself;
  • sessions in your home so that your dog learns behaviors where he or she will apply them, and so that you do not have to spend extra time on travel;
  • an option for you to have us spend extra time training your dog while you are busy elsewhere (at work, etc.);
  • a wide service area throughout the metro Washington DC area;
  • flexible scheduling – we understand how busy you are, so the training sessions do not have do be on the same day or at the same time each week;
  • very competitive pricing; and
  • a thorough knowledge of resources for dogs in the DC metro area so that we can refer you to everything from veterinarians to retail stores to group classes to specialty services (free workshops and other opportunities to learn to help your dog without incurring further expenses, veterinary behaviorists, TTouch practitioners, specialty trainers who are experts in a certain area, trainers who teach specific skills such as tracking, etc.). These are invaluable resources that can help you become a better pet parent in almost any way you want.


Canine Train Tracks is also distinct in that we provide a wide variety of services.  We offer:

  • basic obedience and manners training for dogs of all ages;
  • an opportunity to focus exclusively on specific behaviors you want to address;
  • the option to have us help your dog with her homework while you are at work or away if you are too busy to practice as much as you would like;
  • behavior consultations and subsequent behavior modification sessions for reactive (“aggressive”) dogs as well as dogs with various phobias or just general anxiety;
  • the use of a tracking dog for pet tracking, a service to help recover lost, missing, runaway, or stolen pets; and
  • the ability to run an expert modern lost dog search, particularly when your efforts to find your pet have left you discouraged and exhausted physically as well as emotionally. We will handle flyer-ing, internet outreach, a blog and Google map, a Google group of volunteers if you have them, and we are usually available to respond quickly to new sightings of your pet.